Monday, September 8, 2014

Psari Still Exceeding Expectations

After what has been a very long time, I was jonesin' for some delicious Greek food and decided to head to Psari, after what was a very fun event at the Queens Collective, featuring Louie KR.ONE Gasparro.

Dan hasn't yet been, which made me excited to show it off to him - and he's always down to try some good, homemade Greek food.  On a Saturday evening, the atmosphere was quite busy and boisterous, which made service a little tricky but the staff made it up to us (read on and find out how).

But before I get into the service and the overall vibe, let's get to the food we had that night, including the biggest standouts.

Half Dozen Raw Oysters - Wanting to start with something fresh and local, Dan and I ordered a half dozen oysters, which tasted fresh and not fishy at all.  While the texture was a tad on the tough side, overall they were pretty tasty and definitely something that went down easy with a spoonful of horseradish and cocktail sauce.

Saganaki Cheese - Recent saganaki convert, Dan adored Psari's version that boasted a lightly fried exterior.  The interior was everything it should be - warm, gooey, and a little salty.  You didn't need much with it, except for a little bit of lemon, but otherwise no pita or bread was required.

Grilled Porgy - One of my favorite local fish varieties, we ordered a grilled Porgy with a side of lemon potatoes.  I knew that the latter would be awesome because I've had them here before and they totally rocked my world.  Luckily Dan agreed too and loved the fish as well, especially its crispy, lightly oiled skin that we took turns devouring.

Service and Cost:
Because it was a busy Saturday evening, I have to say that the service at first was quite slow.  So slow in fact that we were deliberating leaving and going to Chela y Garnacha instead, only shortly after being helped by our waitress.  While everything came out in good time, Psari's owner stopped by not long after asking if us if we can help him accommodate a large party by moving us to a different table.  Quickly adding in that he'd throw in free drinks and dessert, as well as thanking us profusely, we agreed.

Overall, we appreciated the tactful way in which the situation was handled and felt good after leaving the restaurant.

Costs are moderate but fair for the excellent quality of food you are getting.  Since the aforementioned drinks were picked up, we paid a total of $65 including tax and tip (and still a desire to come back).

3 Mmmms

Psari - 32-10 36th Avenue, Astoria NY 11106
N/Q Train to 36th Avenue

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