Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sweetleaf's Tasty Cocktails Delight

Spending part of this weekend at the LIC Flea, helping to ring in its inaugural day, a few of us including Dan, Emily, Daniel and I headed over to Sweetleaf afterwards for a few early evening cocktails.  Hearing about Sweetleaf's cocktail menu, I had high hopes, judging by the standard of their other drinks and food.

Boasting 10 signature cocktails on the menu, we each tried something different with high marks all around.  Note that their cocktail service starts at 6 p.m., which makes this a perfect pitstop for a post LIC Flea activity.

Tarzan cocktail - Choosing something spicy and tequila based is usually my go-to, and this is exactly what the Tarzan offered.  Made up of slightly bitter pink grapefruit juice, tart lime juice, agave, and a spritz of seltzer, it was a perfectly refreshing, fruity drink.  Even though it wasn't overly warm outside, the back couch room in which we sat was sunny, therefore creating lots of warmth, so this drink was the right antidote.  I'd definitely get this again, especially in the midst of spring or summer.

My friends each got different cocktails, including the Whizz-Bang and the Mure Mule, also receiving high marks.

Service and Cost:
I can't say we were overly impressed with the service, as the staff seemed very blaze and too slow.  We were astounded that our drinks took about 15 minutes to make, especially since we were the only ones buying cocktails at the time.

Each cocktail will set you back about $10, which is standard for a high quality libation.

2.5 Mmmms

Sweetleaf - 46-15 Center Blvd, LIC NY 11101
7 Train to Vernon Blvd/Jackson Ave 

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