Monday, April 7, 2014

LIC Flea Foodie Highlights

This past weekend, we celebrated the return of the LIC Flea, which also in a way symbolizes the start of spring.  And while the weather didn't 100% cooperate (it was a tad windy, let's just say), we managed to have a great time and enjoyed checking out all the talented vendors and their bevy of creations.  The food is of course a huge highlight for me, and I spied both new and returning vendors from last year.  A few purveyors stood out to me during this first Flea weekend, including:

Trakia Pizza - This Astoria newcomer piqued some serious interest with their makeshift wood-fired oven.  Not only is the pizza delicious, boasting a crispy, thin crust, but the guys who run the place are happy and jovial, emanating all sorts of positive energy!

King of Falafel & Shawarma - There's just something about seeing Freddy (aka King of Falafel), which makes you feel that all is right with the world.  Smiling, joking and offering free samples of his irresistible falafel, we of course succumbed and had a few pieces that made our tastebuds dance.  There's nothing like that perfectly crunchy crust of the falafel and a creamy, slightly spicy middle that he dresses with a homemade spice mix that comes from a secret recipe.

Gotham Cookies - Also a newbie to the Flea, their cookie display was elegant and certainly caught our eye.  I was trying to be good and stay away from sweets that day, so I resisted, but Dan tasted the Peanut Butter Crunch and sang its high praises.  I gotta say, that Apple Pie cookie also looked very enticing.

The Grateful Bread Baking Company -
 Remembering these guys from the Coffeed, Qns Urban Market event back in the fall, I wanted to try a few of their new varieties.  The plantain/dark chocolate bread was a big stand-out, combining a mix of savory and sweet flavors, while the Buckwheat & Raisin stole my heart and I ended up buying a 1/2 loaf.  It's nice that they let you purchase smaller portions as well, which make this more practical in a semi gluten free household.

Overall, we enjoyed our time at the Flea and look forward to coming back in the next few weeks.  I'm also psyched for the Astoria Flea & Food to make its big debut on May 4th.  Woot woot!

LIC Flea - 5-25 46th Avenue, LIC
7 Train to Vernon/Jackson Avenue 

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