Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rustic and Fabulous Desserts at La Guli

During the holiday break, I wandered over to La Guli Pastry Shop. Pleasantly taunted by the photos of sweets they’ve been putting up on their Facebook page, I couldn’t just be an on-looker, I had to taste.

When I walked in, the place was buzzing, and rightfully so, as it was holiday time. Marveling at their beautiful display of holiday cakes and cookies, I appreciated these items, but knew they’re only there temporarily, so instead, I focused on their classics such as the cookies and pastries. Here’s what caught my eye:

Sfogliatelle – The beautiful shape of these pastries drew me in immediately and I could tell they’d be crispy to the bite even just by looking at them. There were two sizes, including a medium and large, which was a good option, especially since I just ate a big-ish lunch and wanted a little taste of something sweet.

I ended up buying one and biting into it at the shop. Wow! The flakiness of that crust was magical and while you had to eat it with a napkin under your chin (it’s very crumbly), I just loved all the freshness and flavor found in each bite. The filling found in the middle was spectacular as well, consisting of sweet, creamy ricotta cheese with a distinct but not overpowering flavor of orange. If you adore a little hint of dessert that’s not overly sweet, this one’s for you.

Brutti e Buoni – Even though I didn’t end up buying these cookies, I was so delighted when I saw them, as they remind me of the time I spent at Tasty Tuscany. Brutti means ugly in Italian, which is meant to represent the irregular shape of these meringue cookies. But don’t be fooled by their looks, as these little treats are anything but brutti in your mouth.

Service and Cost:
In quintessential La Guli fashion, the service was pretty standard but not exemplary, which I’ve come to expect here.

Costs are moderate and my sfogliatelle set me back about $3, while the cookies range between $9-$14/pound. They have so many varieties, so go ahead, drop in, and explore!

3 Mmmms

La Guli Pastry Shop – 29-15 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria NY 11105
N/Q Train to Ditmars (last stop)

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