Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dana's Bakery Perfects the Macaron

This past weekend was my family's big birthday trifecta, as my mom, dad and brother have three in a row birthdays.  We celebrated with our closest family and friends, at my parents' house, and needless to say, we indulged in a lot of delicious eats.  My mom made tasty traditional Slovak foods including fasirky, Slovak-style potato salad, and other goodies.  Lots of scrumptious dessert was had as well, and I always try to do something special and festive, which I surprise my family with.  Last year it was Thea's stiletto and soccer ball cake, while this year it was personalized French Macarons from Dana's Bakery.

About Dana's Bakery:
I first found out about Dana's Bakery through following her posts on Instagram and I fell in love with her colorful confections.  After doing some research online, I decided they were the perfect treats for my family's celebration, especially because you can personalize them.

Based purely online, Dana's delivers (literally) beautifully crafted French Macarons with an American twist.  I love how colorful (and sometimes mismatched) they are, with the filling differing from its meringue cookie.  They feature 11 unique flavors, as well as a surprise flavor of the month.  Focusing on American-style nostalgic flavors, you can find these confections in red velvet, thin mint, cookie dough, fruity cereal and other interesting varieties.  This month's flavor of the month happens to be banana split, with sprinkles, fudge and a cherry inside.

As you can see, I ordered an assortment of macarons for my family's big birthday celebration.  Loving all the beautiful colors that formed this birthday medley, people dug in with excitement and I myself only got my hands on two macarons - one of them being the peanut butter and jelly as well as the s'mores.  Out of those two the former was absolutely amazing, tasting both nutty and fruity, just like a real PB&J sandwich.  All you had to do was close your eyes and imagine your favorite childhood sandwich.  Dan had a bite too and agreed this flavor was stupendous.

The s'mores macaron was nice too, but not as pronounced in flavor as the PB&J.  Other flavors that received high marks were the Cup of Joe coffee flavor as well as the fruity cereal, which supposedly tasted exactly like Fruity Pebbles.

Service and Cost:
I absolutely loved the way my order was serviced, including a really quick response from Dana via email and an even faster expediting process.  Placing the order just two days in advance, I was able to receive my Macarons quickly and picked them up at a convenient location in Midtown Manhattan.  They also deliver for an additional fee, but I believe that's limited to Manhattan.

Costs are expensive but worth it for something special at $2.50/macaron and an additional $15 for the personalization.

3 Sweet Mmmms


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