Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Cupcake Bar Mixes a Mean Red Velvet

Image by The Cupcake Bar

Another local specialty
I had while in North Carolina
this week were some mighty delicious cupcakes.  I was disappointed that my phone ran out of juice while enjoying a beautiful red velvet cupcake, and so I had to use the bakery's photo above of a similar looking treat (just picture the red dough instead).

I found these cupcakes at a neat little bakery in Downtown Durham called The Cupcake Bar.  The concept is a really great one, which is based on ingredients that form a cocktail, only in cupcake form.  Their logo is really lovely too - a silhouette of a cupcake with a stirrer poking out of the frosting.

Situated in a perfect corner spot on East Chapel Hill Street, The Cupcake Bar is hard to miss.  I love the bright orange exterior, which right away piqued my interest and the simple, chic interior that certainly evoked a bar-like vibe.

When I walked in on a Wednesday evening, it was pretty chill and seemed like a good place to sit down, relax and even possibly do some work (they have wifi).  Several folks came in throughout my visit, and seemed to be placing larger orders, showing me that this is a popular place to come when hosting events or children's birthday parties.

Even though there were a lot of interesting options to choose from, I went really classic with a Red Velvet cupcake.  After all, how could I not have one of these when in the South?

Red Velvet
- I ordered the mini version, which was just the right size for me.  Boasting a really moist interior, it created the most heavenly bite.  The frosting was fluffy, a little tangy from the cream cheese and not too sweet.  My favorite part though was the gorgeously large pecan that stuck out of the frosting, just waiting to be devoured.  All of these ingredients created a beautiful medley of flavors that conjured up memories of childhood and down-home comfort.

Service and Cost:
The staff was nice , but not as overly hospitable as in some other establishments I encountered in Durham. Maybe they were tired and ready to go home? I don't know...but this wouldn't deter me from going in again.

Costs are comparable to any good trendy bakery in NYC and include $1.50 for the mini cupcakes and $3 for the full size.

The Cupcake Bar - 101 East Chapel Hill Street, Durham NC 27701

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