Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hangin' at Dame's Almost World Famous Chicken & Waffles

This week, I found myself in the South for a few days, working on a project that's part of my day gig.  I went to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina to be exact and I really enjoyed myself.  

Besides the unbelievable Southern hospitality found there, I also devoured some delicious eats.  And of course I wanted something really Southern, so I couldn't leave town without sinking my teeth into some down home comfort food in the form of Fried Chicken & Waffles.

I found these at Dame's Almost World Famous Chicken & Waffles
in downtown Durham and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting.  My experience was quite magical...

Located in the heart of Downtown Durham, which is close to Duke University's campus, I found Dame's just by chance when perusing the shops and restaurants on West Main Street.  The chicken and waffles sign immediately drew me in, and even though it was still early to eat dinner (around 5 ish), the restaurant had lots of patrons inside, which was a good sign.

The interior is simple, but clean and inviting.  Beautiful white Corinthian pillars line the back room, which are just a spectacle to look at.  You can find more history on the walls, as oversized paintings of famous jazz musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie adorn the space.  As a single diner, I sat at the bar, which provided me with a surprisingly private atmosphere and some comfort.

Dame's menu is a short, simple one, but that's what makes it ingenious. There are 10 core Chicken & Waffles options, and each one sounds dreamier than the next.  After some deliberation and a few recommendations from my waiter, I made a choice.

The Buff Brahmas - What attracted me to this dish right away was the whiskey creme sauce and the peach/apricot shmear.  It all sounded quintessentially Southern in the best possible way, and I decided to get it with the classic fried chicken wings instead of the chicken cutlets.  I thought "if you're going for gluttony, just go all out." So I totally did and loved every minute of it. 

The chicken was truly life changing, as it boasted a perfectly crispy brown skin and the moistest interior I've probably ever had.  It didn't need much else besides the waffle, but of course, I put some extra peach shmear on top to make it sweeter.  The waffle itself was something special too - thin and irregularly shaped, it felt rustic and totally homemade.  Like something your grandmother would cook up.

I'd also like to give some love to the spicy collard greens, which I ordered as a side.  They were beautifully cooked and not overdone, as each bite gave you a little kick from those bright red chili flakes.

Service and Cost:
From the minute I sat down til the very end of my experience, the service was fabulous.  My waiter engaged me in conversation and did a nice job of explaining and recommending my chicken & waffles of choice.  I never once felt I had to rush and really could've sat there all day.

Costs are moderate to inexpensive and only set me back $18 with tax and tip.  And let me tell you, I was fuuuull!

Dame's Almost World Famous Chicken & Waffles - 317 West Main Street, Durham NC 27701

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