Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wild Rice Stuffing for Thanksgiving

Today was our annual pre-Thanksgiving potluck at work and everyone was tasked with making something comforting and yummy.  Being a part of the process of setting up, I got to see all the dishes ahead of time, and therefore got to salivate early.  Everything was really delicious - from the 10 different types of mashed potatoes and mac 'n cheese to 5 types of pumpkin pies and even these neat little chocolate/Nutella cheesecake bites.

As far as my contribution goes, I wanted to bring out stuffing in a non-traditional sense with the above wild rice stuffing dish, which is of course veggie friendly.  Cooked in a pungent veggie stock, further dressed with fragrant onions and garlic, the dish proved itself in terms of flavor.  And even though I thought it needed a bit more salt, that's very much a personal preference, and my colleagues seemed to enjoy it.

While the rice was cooked already and then further embellished with cranberries with orange essence, toasted sunflower seeds (in place of the walnuts that the recipe called for) and fresh parsley, it was then put into a 375 degree oven, creating a slightly crunchy well done crust.  Needless to say, it makes a perfect companion for your Thanksgiving bird.  Enjoy!

Wild Rice Stuffing - Recipe courtesy of Whole Foods 

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