Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alobar's Celebratory Feast

This past week, I mentioned to you that Alobar celebrated their big 1 year anniversary.  I can't believe that a year has gone by, as it seems like these guys have been around forever.  

Featuring a new special each day of the week, I just couldn't refuse, and took Gina along for the ride.  Known for her open mindedness when it comes to food, she was happy to try the charcuterie special that night that featured all sorts of cured meats and terrines.  Along with that, here's some of the other things we tried.

Maple Bacon Popcorn - Trying this once before at the recent Food Film Festival, I was so happy that Alobar's owner Jeff offered it to us as an app.  While I thought the sample at the Food  Film Festival was amazing, this one was better and piping hot.  The maple glaze was sweeter and gooeyer and the bacon was just oozing with smokey goodness. And there was a A LOT of it to go around.

Jersey Heirloom Tomatoes - Just to throw in some veggies into the mix, we ordered this refreshing app, which certainly cut the richness in that decadent popcorn.  I enjoyed the balsamic sweet glaze on it very much, which went perfectly with the bite sized pieces of mozz and the juicy tomatoes.  The lardo toast (yes, you heard right) was the perfect vehicle for transporting all this goodness into your tummy.

Charcuterie - Consisting of a two tiered platter or 11 different types of house-made meats, we were quite impressed and also happy to see their pickled veggies as an accompaniment.  Amongst some of our favorites were: the creamy chicken liver pate, the delicate pork tongue terrine (yes it was soft and jelly-like), the spicy chorizo with quite the bite and the smokey duck prosciutto.  Everything was presented in small bites, which was approachable and conducive to sharing.  We had a few pieces of crunchy toast to layer all this goodness on, and in my opinion there could've been a little more of it.  In terms of the pickled veggies, the cauliflower and the carrots were superb.

Dessert - As a special treat, we got the toffee bread pudding - again, compliments of the chef.  While I had this dessert here last time around, and loved it, this time was just as special, as Gina and I delighted in its, sweet, sticky interior and the extra toffee glaze on top.  And just like the rest of the meal, it illustrated sophisticated indulgence.

Service and Cost:
As I've already hinted, the service we received was extremely welcoming and warm.  Not only because I've given them a few shout-outs, I don't think - their attention seemed really sincere and genuine, as it was proven by other satisfied-looking patrons.

Costs are moderate and fair, and for the above mentioned meal (not excluding the $5 glasses of Montepulciano we had at the bar) set us back about $40 with tax and tip.

3 Meaty Mmmms

Alobar - 46-42 Vernon Blvd, LIC NY 11101
7 Train to Vernon Blvd/Jackson Avenue 

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