Friday, July 27, 2012

Vanilla Sky - Open at Last!

Images by Vanilla Sky

There's a new froyo place in town, that I've been impatiently awaiting.  Its status has been pending for most of spring and summer, but now it's officially open and I'm so glad.  Getting a little sneak peek on Facebook, the cafe sells not only frozen yogurt and various toppings, but also other goodies that you see here such as cookies, muffins, croissants and such.  They apparently also have coffee and lite bites such as focaccia, which is a nice option.

As a witness of the unbelievable cult status of other froyo lounges such as 16 Handles, I trust that Vanilla Sky will be embraced by the community, as it has a lovely, modern design that feels very conducive to hanging out.  

While I have yet to stop by, I will soon, but wanted to give you a little glimpse ASAP.  If you go this weekend, do let me know how you enjoyed it.  Also, since it's still the first week of its opening, you may experience some nice discounts when you go.

Vanilla Sky - 33-18 Broadway, Astoria NY 11106
N/Q Train to Broadway

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