Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Love of Levain Continues

While in Montauk this week, I was absolutely ecstatic to see us pass a Levain Bakery, on our way to our final destination.  I've heard about this delightful bakery having an outpost out East, but I forgot all about it, so you can imagine my elation when we came upon it.  Deciding to hit it up on the way back from our trip, we stuck to our plan, as we indulged one last time before leaving our awesome local getaway.

Having a totally different feel than the Manhattan location, this one is located in Wainscott, NY, about 15 minutes West of Montauk, and fitting to its remote location, the atmosphere here is also very laid back.  Unlike the Manhattan locale, this one appears to be a lot more spacious, and even has room for seating, which is nice.

When I came in, I didn't see many folks there, which was surprising since the city location is always packed and you always have to wait on line.  Not here though, as I walked up to the counter right away, ordered and in about 2 minutes walked out with a piping hot cookie.  And even though it was as easy as pie (I mean, cookie), there was something that was missing from the very enjoyable ritual of waiting on line in kid-like, sugar anticipation for that amazing cookie.

I decided to try a different cookie this time from my traditional chocolate chip walnut that I usually get.  No...this time it would be the chocolate, chocolate chip and I couldn't wait to compare the two.

The size of this cookie was totally on par with its blond sibling, large and imposing, with a few melty bits of chocolate oozing from its inside.  Once I took a bite though, things turned up a notch, as I experienced a chocolate explosion in the richest sense of the word.  It's hard to describe properly, but the soft, fudgy inside of the cookie tasted like a marriage of the most spectacular brownie and a cookie.  I loved the slightly crunchy exterior that gave you a few toothsome bites to juxtapose with all that soft, velvety goodness. 

Service and Cost:
As I already mentioned, the service was really fast since the bakery wasn't busy.  I liked that my server was cordial and friendly, and didn't possess the pretentious attitude of some of the other waitstaff we ran into in Montauk or Amagansett.

Costs are totally on par with its Manhattan sibling, and this bodacious chocolate cookie bomb set me back 4 well-worth dollars.

3 Mmmms

Levain Bakery - 354 Montauk Highway, Wainscott NY 11975

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