Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fooditka Previews the Citi Field Food Line-Up

This week, Dan and I got to attend a really great press event at Citi Field, in honor of the upcoming baseball season, and the new eats featured at the stadium.  It was so much fun checking out all the different concessions, including the well known ones from Union Square Sports & Entertainment Group, World's Fare Market, Brooklyn Burger, Delta Sky360 Club, Promenade Club and the eats at Metropolitan Hospitality.

Everyone brought out the big guns and I was excited to see all the executive chefs, proudly displaying their new dishes for us to try.  As most tasting events, it was thrilling, wonderful and overwhelming at the same time, but we managed.  Trying a little bit of everything (in small bites of course), here are some of my standouts, as well as videos with two of the chefs, whose dishes caught my attention. Enjoy!

Buffalo Dog at Box Frites - This was pretty incredible because even though it looked like a hot dog, it tasted exactly like a fabulous buffalo chicken sandwich, complete with tangy blue cheese sauce and fixin's of pickled carrot and celery, which elevated it from something ordinary.  A smoky bacon dipping sauce that came as a side with the dog spoke volumes, and Chef, Scott Levine will tell you more about it in my interview with him.Interview with Chef, Scott Levine

Pastrachos from General Concessions - A big step up from your traditional stadium nachos, these are called pastrachos, as they embody all the characteristics of a classic Reuben sandwich, except in nacho form.  "How innovative!" I thought, as I kept reaching for seconds.  The sour taste from the sauerkraut, the savory nature of the pastrami and the creamy thousand island dressing make you want to close your eyes and envision being at a Jewish deli.  YUM!  Check out the interview with Chef, Javier Delgado as he reveals more details about this awesome new treat.
Interview with Chef, Javier Delgado

Fried Flounder Sandwich at Delta Sky360 Club - I loved the look of this bite sized sandwich, resembling a good sized slider.  The inside was filled with fried fresh flounder, which was light and flaky, but also topped with a tomato-parsley salad, which added a nice zestiness to the whole thing.  When the dish becomes officially available at the stadium, it'll also be served with guacamole and steak fries. 

Fried Fruit Pies at Box Frites - How can I forget about mentioning dessert...this is often my favorite part of any tasting!  The fried fruit pie was one of the first things we saw when we came in, but obviously saved it for last.  Boasting two flavors including apple crumb and mixed berry, we went for the latter and absolutely loved the crunchy sugary crust and the warm, thick and syrupy filling that was also slightly chunky.  Overall, it was pretty easy to eat and I think it'd make a great stadium dessert.

Banana Bread Pudding at Citi Field Desserts - Another awesome dessert was the cute little portion of banana bread pudding cups you see above.  Filled with warm banana cake that had a crunchy top and a gooey middle, each bite was pleasure, with a hint of cinnamon at the end that made you reach for another spoonful. 

Hope this little ballpark preview has piqued your interest for the upcoming season.  Take me Citi Field!

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