Monday, April 2, 2012

The Original BareBurger is Renovating

Image by Aaron

No force of any kind could stop BareBurger - it's spreading at the speed of light, with recent new openings on the Upper East Side and Forest Hills.  I just love hearing all this news, and sharing the goodness of this organic burger eatery with other neighborhoods.

But along with the shiny new, the older locations are thriving too.  Take for example the original BareBurger location on 31st Avenue and 34th Street that has undergone a recent expansion and is now getting another spruce-up through renovations, more on the back-end of things, so you continue seeing exceptional service and wonderful quality of food.

With that, I wanted to let you know that you can expect to see this location closed towards the end of this week, from April 8th - 11th.  So if you get the craving for one of their signature burgers, just know that you'll have to hit up the newest Astoria location on 31st Street and 23rd Avenue.

Good luck with the revamps, BareBurger #1!

BareBurger - 33-21 31st Avenue, Astoria NY 11106

N/Q Train to Broadway

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