Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mojave - Because I Believe in Second Chances...

Mojave - 22-36 31st Street, Astoria, NY 11105
N/W Train to Ditmars Blvd (last stop)

This was my second visit to Mojave, Astoria's newest Southwestern restaurant. As you might recall, my first experience was rather mixed--main complains being about the seafood and the careless service. For my second time here, Dan and I were joined by Manhattanite friends, Carrie and Neil. They looked forward to trying Mojave, being supports of its NYC sister Agave.

Our friends agreed that while this visit showcased Mojave's food expertise, the service had yet to show itself in a positive light. Our waiter took too long to take our initial order and didn't check on us even once throughout the meal. Even when most patrons cleared out and the restaurant wasn't busy, we had to practically beg him for a check. So I continue to stand by my original impression of the service--it needs a slew of improvement.

Luckily though, despite the less than stellar waitstaff, we enjoyed some delectable dishes:

Braised Shortribs of Angus Beef: This dish came recommended so I naturally went for it. The beef was tender and separated itself effortlessly from the bone--as a braised piece of meat should. It rested comfortably on a bed of chile-corn mashed potatoes which were hearty and flavored by a thick beef sauce in which I also detected a hint of red wine. The combination was fantastic and incredibly filling. The veggies that surrounded this dish were also a nice touch and were very rustic looking.

Chile Glazed Meat Loaf: Dan ordered this and was really happy with it. Besides it being incredibly hearty, it was also interestingly seasoned with pico de gallo, corn and chile. When trying a bite of this, I also detected a pungent coriander flavor. I liked it but in all honesty it wouldn't be my first choice.

Carrie and Neil both ordered beef dishes--a quesadilla and tacos. Overall, they enjoyed them very much but Neil commented that his side of rice was too spicy for his liking.

Mexican Fondue: Even though we were full, we couldn't pass up dessert and decided to share a bitter-sweet chocolate fondue. This dish was so perfect for our foursome and I'd highly recommend it as a fun double date option. The chocolate was wonderful--super dark and shiny but not overly sweet. The dippings included fresh apples, bananas, kiwi, strawberries and my favorite, banana spice bread.


  1. I agree Mojave is definitely a good choice for mexican food. I would like to add in that I enjoyed the mango magarita which at first did not have enough mango so I asked the waiter for more and it was perfect blend of mango and magarita! Definitely recommend to mojave.

  2. Food was pretty good, service pretty bad, decor was nice. My overall experience: Meh.

  3. Ate there last week and had the scallops. Very good!
    Drinks weren't bad either.
    Two thumbs up.

  4. I never comment. I beleive that food, like all else, is enjoyed based solely on an individuals perception. That said. Please don't eat here, the service is terrible, the food is bad, and I have had reccuring nighmares as a result of my only experience here.

    The food is under-seasoned, poorly prepared, and in an empty dinning room our 2-top was server entrees 15 mins apart!!!!!

  5. Yeah I hear ya on the mediocre experience. I haven't been back since this post.



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