Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Homemade Bacon Sea Salt for Queens Swap

As you may have heard through my various rants, Meg, AJ and I held the 4th Queens Swap this past weekend at Sweet Afton Bar, and it was a smashing success.  Not only did we enjoy the most participation to date, our swappers came from all over Queens and even (dare I say...) Long Island.  It was refreshing to see everyone's enthusiasm for the food, and it was pleasure mixing and mingling the regulars with our newbies.  I'll write a more complete post about the entire event later in the week, but in the meantime wanted to give you a preview of my personal contribution, which was bacon sea salt.

Riding the wave of excitement from past swaps, I was ready to step it up this time with a pantry enhancing specialty item, rather than something for immediate consumption, such as my chocolate chip bacon cookies or the coconut yerba mate truffles.  To go along with the bacon theme, I chose a simple bacon sea salt, also gaining inspiration from my favorite salt makers - friends at Gardenfreude who produce expertly made herb sea salts.  
Overall, the item was a big hit, and I heard it come up many a times during the "negotiation" phase of the swap.  I was really flattered, but the ingredients spoke for themselves.  I got the recipe via a fabulous blog called The Wannabe Chef, which in turn received inspiration from the Food Network.  In any case, here's the recipe - and feel free to alter it any way you want.  You're welcome to make the bacon chunks a little bigger for extra texture - it's all about your preference.  Enjoy this important food group.

Homemade Bacon Sea Salt Recipe


  1. Ahem!!! You also had participants come allllll the way from out of state!! Respect the Jerz!! :)

  2. Wow! That recipe looks really easy and amazingly delicious. We're happy to hear that the Queens swap was a success and we're happy to benefit from the delicious recipe.



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