Friday, November 18, 2011

Making Chocolate Truffles from Scratch

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently made my own chocolate truffles for Queens Swap.  Of course being that Queens Swap is an amalgamation of hard core foodies, I knew I had to bring it up a notch, and ended up infusing the chocolate with coconut milk and yerba mate tea.  Something to keep things more interesting...

Overall a little intimidated by the truffle making process, I had to try it out a couple of times before they came out right.  A key hint is to use very good quality chocolate and I used a trusty baked goods supplier, NY Cake on 22nd Street near 6th Avenue in the city to help me out.  

I also experimented with a truffle mold that turned out to be a giant failure (I couldn't get the chocolate out), so in the end I molded each truffle with my own two you know what.  It was very enjoyable, therapeutic and also ultra messy.  But so worth it.  I've already gotten nice feedback from my fellow swappers, so I hope to continue this experiment yet again for another occasion.

Coconut Yerba Mate Truffles Recipe
(courtesy of Whole Foods)

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