Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bringing Back the Fasirka!

You may be wondering what on earth I'm talking about here, but some of you long-time readers may remember me writing about this Slovak dish a few years ago, when I tried to recreate my mom's recipe.  Little did I know that she also uses softened bread (soaked in milk or water) and I inadvertently forget it add it each time.  This time I of course forgot again and used breadcrumbs instead, but they still came out yummy and we gobbled them up in just a short day.

I wanted to bring this mini hamburger treat up to you again, as I think it's a great option for Superbowl Sunday, and your guests will thank you. These patties are so hearty and they have so much flavor that you absolutely don't need a bun to accompany it - just some good ketchup or BBQ sauce.  I usually eat them on their own or with a modest portion of cous-cous with toasted pepitas, red onions and cranberries.  It's a delicious snack and a healthy one too, as I use lean ground turkey meat.  You can always substitute beef, chicken or lamb, but I like to keep 'em nice and light with the turkey.

Here's the recipe - I hope you enjoy it and personalize it your way.

Fooditka's Turkey Fasirky

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