Friday, December 3, 2010

Great Small (and big) Bites at Cafe Bar

Being a big fan of relaxing, unassuming restaurants/lounges that don't emanate uber pretension, I'm naturally enamored by Monika's Cafe Bar.  And because our good friends Moses, Sonya, Jamil and Paul just moved to the 34th Avenue neck-of-the-woods, we go there often--usually late-night for small bites, a sandwich or a glass of vino.

Recently stopping in before hitting up Studio Square, we ordered a couple of delicious eats that I want to highlight here.

Pork Loin Sandwich - The ingredient that immediately drew me to this sandwich besides the pork is grilled halloumi cheese (traditional Cypriot cheese made of goat's or sheep's milk), which was nestled on top of the tender pork.  The meat itself was nice and juicy and further embellished by pickled mustard veggies.  Overall, it was a perfect mix of salty, spicy, tangy and a little tart, packing lots of personality between warm, toasty (and also beautifully grilled) bread.

Meze Plate - We've gotten this here before and it never disappoints. Consisting of delicious Greek dips such as hummus, eggplant spread, fish roe, tzatziki, and more, it's the perfect thing to get when you want to share with friends.  The whole platter comes with ample amounts of grilled pita, and if you run out quickly, just let the staff know and they'll happily bring you more.

Service and Cost:

I've never had bad service here and always find the staff to be on-point and unobtrusive.  Their casual attitude goes along with the vibe, but it's attentive enough where you feel like you're being taken care of.

Prices are fair and include $8-$18 for starters, $7-$10 for sandwiches, $13-$17 for entrees, and $4-$7 for desserts.

3 Mmmms

Cafe Bar - 32-90 36th Street, Astoria, NY 11103

R/V/G Train to Steinway Street

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