Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 Winners of the Ooh la la Couture Candy Cupcake Giveaway

You coveted Ooh la la's couture candy cupcakes, but there can only be 2 winners!  And here they are in the order they were drawn.

A BIG CONGRATS to Tara for winning the "Shooting Star" candy couture cupcake (pictured above) who said that her favorite cupcake flavor is "buttercream & caramel," and another WHOPPING CONGRATS to Cupcake Forum with their classic yet always fashionable answer, "I love chocolate cupcakes, the darker the better!"  She wins the "Sweet Spots" candy couture cupcake pictured below.

Thanks to everyone for playing.  Here's a run down of everyone's favorite cupcakes:

"My favorite cupcake flavor is peanut butter and jelly, with S'mores as a runner up!"
- sassy black neighbor

"Chocolate with chocolate.  Boring, but sinful and wonderful." - Emily N.

"I love red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!" - Lisa

"I make a great green velvet cupcake (with the help of food coloring), with my own homemade cream cheese frosting, and it's awesome. ;-)" - lmnfy

"I love vanilla bean cupcakes." - purplelover04

"My favorite cupcake is peanut butter icing over a dark chocolate cupcakes with pieces of reeses baked into the batter! Mmmmmmmm" - that's what SHLEY said

"If a place has both my favorites, I might break down and get me one of each. Hopefully I will have the will power not to eat them at the same time. My favorites: German Chocolate Cake and Black Forest Cake." - NYCMacUser

"Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!" - Leann

"Three words: maple. pecan. frosting." - crunchygranolagal

"Cappuccino chip with chocolate frosting. Heaven!" - So

"Yumm!!! red velvet! =D" - Esther

"Hmmm...lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting, and raspberries on top. SOOOO good!"
- Ella

"Oreo cupcakes = Yum!" - KD

"How do I pick a favorite? I love most all of 'em!" - Bo

Here's my personal favorite: Buttercup's red velvet with cream cheese frosting - classic, delicious and decadent.

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