Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hudson Eatery - Good Ol' Nosh Never Goes Out of Style

Hudson Eatery - 601 West 57th Street, New York NY 10019
A/B/C/D/1 Train to Columbus Circle

I was graciously invited to a blogger tasting at the newly opened Hudson Eatery all the way on the West side by 11th Avenue.  Not really exposed to that area on a regular basis, I'm always curious to discover new things that lie in this neck of the woods.  My intrigue was heightened further when I found out that the proprietors of this place also own Central Lounge in Astoria. 

I brought Lisa with me for the ride and we both had a great time munching on comfort food and meeting cool bloggers such as the NYC Foodie/Magician/Comedian, Josh Beckerman, Amuse *Bouche's Brad Hawks and the gals from 89th and Broke.

Located on the ground floor of a new luxury high-rise building called The Helena, everything about Hudson Eatery looks and feels brand spankin' new.  The space is quite extensive with high ceilings and eclectic seating arrangements from small round tables to horseshoe shaped booths and even a large communal table near the bar.  We had the pleasure of sitting at this long table, which was great for a family-style meal and lively conversation. 

The overall vibe is casual and fun with lots of bright colors and upbeat music.  I'm sure that a lot of Helena residents come here to enjoy an impromptu meal or to get some deliciously-crafted cocktails after a long day.

Food and Drink:
I couldn't believe how generous this tasting was, as we tried almost everything on the menu.  We shared all dishes, which I really like doing because it gets everyone involved with many opinions bouncing around the table.  Here are my highlights:

Hand-Cut Potato Chips - Although simple, this was one of my stand-outs of the night - hand-cut, thick barbecue flavored potato chips with tangy gorgonzola fondue.  The latter component elevated this snack to ultimate potato chipdom.  I loved that they had spice to them but weren't overly salty as some chips can be.

Fried Calamari - This classic appetizer was done in a traditional style, coated in a super crispy crust.  It tasted fresh and delicious and its flavors were enhanced by a spicy mayo served on the side.  Both Lisa and I loved it and couldn't stop reaching in for seconds, thirds, fourths - I think you get the point.

Mac 'N Cheese - One of their signature dishes, this was truly out of this world.  It was nicknamed the "loaded mac 'n cheese," as it included every delicious pleasure under the sun such as gooey cheese, applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, breadcrumbs and G_d knows what else.  It was really creamy, flavorful and kept getting better with each bite.  After a while, I had to physically push it away to make room for the other dishes still in store.

Cheeseburger - Woah, just look at this beauty. Similarly to the mac 'n cheese, it was chock full of goodness including thick-cut smoked bacon, gouda cheese (one of my favorites!), fried onions and really tender Angus beef on a soft brioche bun.  Lisa and I devoured it and loved how all the flavors worked together to create perfect gluttony.  It was all good though because it was cut into fourths, and a little slice of gluttony went a long way.

Drinks - The drinks are definitely worth noting, as they were very creative and fun to consume.  I had the Gummy Bear martini, which was tangy and as Lisa pointed out, tasted a bit like a sweet tart.  Other fun options include the champagne cosmo (Lisa's favorite!), white & red sangria, the Bacardi Dragon punch and more.

Service and Cost:

Our servers were friendly and on several occassions asked if we were enjoying everything.  Although they were a bit slow with providing extra plates for sharing, we were a large party and these things sometimes happen.  Overall, our experience was pretty smooth on the service end.

Costs are affordable, especially for a modern Manhattan eatery:

Appetizers & Snacks - From $6

Entrees - $14 - $20
Drinks Specials - weeknights from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. $4 draught beers, $6 mixed drinks & wine

2.5 Mmmms


  1. I had such a fun time at this tasting! The highlight for me was the champagne cosmo, and the burger with the truffle fries!! The bbq chips were also addictive!!! I would definitely venture there again! Good write up, foodista!

  2. Thanks Lisa - so glad you were there to join me. Tastings are always fab with you!

  3. words can't explain how bad i want that meal. looks so fantastic.



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