Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Judging The French Culinary Institute Final

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I'm so excited about tomorrow, I can hardly contain myself, for it is the day that I'll be judging the French Culinary Institute student final.  Besides being extremely honored and humbled by my invitation to judge these talented students who've spent 600 hours learning, preparing and cooking mind-blowing French cuisine, I'm also delighted to mix with the incredible talent of chefs who will be my comrades in judging.

How I Scored This Gig
Well that's a good question, as I often want to pinch myself to make sure this is really happening.  The truth is, my lovely friends from Conundrum marketing chose me to be a media judge, as each panel of judges (there are 2) consists of 5 chefs and 1 media person (like me).

About the Judging Process
Just to give you a preview, the judging process will take place over the course of four hours, during which we'll be sampling a plethora of dishes including an appetizer course, a meat/poultry/fish course and a dessert course.  We'll be judging each student on his/her primary, secondary and garnish cooking techniques.

Critique will be given on a number scale as well as through live commentary.  I'm especially sensitive to the latter, as I know how hard these students have been working, so I will do my absolute best to be candid and just. I can't wait to see their diligence pay off and I'll surely document the experience for you. 

How You Can Get Involved
In the meantime, if you're not in the market for a professional culinary education but you love to cook, I'd highly recommend the recreational courses at the International Culinary Center (located in the same building as the French Culinary Institute). I was lucky enough to take a bread class there last year and absolutely loved it.  Check out my experience here and also check out their list of courses here.

Wish me luck tomorrow and I'll report back with full details.


  1. Judith,
    Kudos to you. Have a great time. Can't wait to read all about it.

  2. have a great time!! can't wait to hear all about it!!

  3. that's really awesome. i wish i lived up there :(

    i also love their rec classes. i took knife skills and the ny bagel. just can't get enough. i should probably do the essentials of fine cooking soon.

  4. Nice!

    Congrats on that offer.

  5. Thank you for your encouragement guys. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience. The culinary prowess at this thing was off the charts. I'll report back with details shortly.

  6. What a fantastic opportunity. A friend of mine just started as a freshman at FCI. Good luck and happy eating!

  7. Thanks Casey - it was truly amazing!



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