Tuesday, April 20, 2010

S'Agapo is now Taverna Sofia

S'Agapo, one of my all-time favorite Greek restaurants in Astoria has changed management and they're now called Taverna Sofia.  Although this happened some time ago, I haven't been in the 34th Avenue neighborhood and only recently was I able to check out the new place and grab a menu.  Although I haven't heard much buzz about this place, I'm still curious to try it and see how it compares to the legendary S'Agapo.  From the looks of it, they've updated some things such as the exterior.  Below, you'll find a little taste of the menu for your convenience.  If anyone has experience with this place, please feel free to share your thoughts.

Taverna Sofia Menu Sample:

Cold Appetizers:
Ambelofylo - Piquant, aromatic spread made from vine leaves...$5
Sweet Pepper - Roasted red pepper dip...$5
Kjopolo - Lightly roasted eggplant mousse that's smokey in flavor...$6
Greek Mashed Potato (aka Skordalia) - With garlic...$5

Hot Apptizers:
Spanakopita - Tradidtional spinach pie with homemade dough...$6
Aries - Tender diced leg of lamb lightly sauteed in white wine...$12
Kufteta - Classic Bulgarian meatballs made with beef, herbs and spices...$10
Crete - Traditional Cretan cheese and mint dumplings fried & served with clover honey...$7

Meat and Vegetable Entrees:
Fasolakia - String bean ragout with potatoes...$12
Ala Sofia - Stuffed zucchini with chopped beef in egg-lemon sauce with artichokes...$15
Kotopoulo Souvlaki - Diced chicken breast on a skewer with tomatoes, peppers and onions...$16
Paidakia - Spring lamb chops grilled and basted with fresh lemon juice and herbs...$21
Hirines Brizoles - Lean-cut pork chops marinated with herbs on a grill...$18

Fish Entrees:
Garides Skaras - Char-grilled fresh giant shrimp basted with fresh herbs...$19
Kalamari Skaras - Grilled fresh whole squid served with potato-beet puree...$15
Bakaliaros - Salt-dried cod fish lightly fried and served with potato-garlic puree...$21
Stuffed Seafood - Shrimp stuffed with fresh crabmeat and filet of flounder rolled with spinach and feta...$24

Sofia Cream Cake...$6

Taverna Sofia - 34-21 34th Avenue, Astoria NY 11106
N/W Train to Broadway


  1. I went here for my birthday a few years ago. It was delicious. Thanks for the heads up, now I won't be walking down 34th St. looking like a tourist wondering where S'Agapo went.

  2. I ate there a while ago and everything was great. The food is still the same quality if not even better :) BTW, the place has some Bulgarian dishes which is a nice touch in my humble opinion :) As far as i know the owner's wife is from Sofia and they are going to celebrate Gergiovden, May 24th, etc.

  3. No problem Casey!

    Maria - glad to hear this place is good. I definitely want to try it out. And I did notice the Bulgarian dishes and the funky spelling of many of them. It adds to the restaurant's character for sure.

  4. I ate there couple of weeks ago. Food was great. Dips are MUST. As I understood they didn't change cook just the atmosphere. Still a place to go and enjoy good food and generous portions.



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