Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BareBurger - Bodaciously Bad-Ass Brunch

BareBurger - 33-21 31st Avenue, Astoria NY 11106
N/W Train to Broadway

Oh my! I had the most delectable brunch last weekend at BareBurger. Before my brunch experience here, I've heard many effusive recommendations from friends, but I was a tad skeptical. "BareBurger for brunch?" I thought.  But after my superior meal, not only was I convinced about its greatness, now I must spread the good word to you all. 

Organic Omelettes - As you probably know, the name BareBurger refers to organic and au naturale ingredients that are used by this restaurant.  And just like the fresh, organic ingredients used in the burgers, the quality of the brunch is no different.  My friend Crystal and I both ordered organic omelettes with slightly different fixins.  I went for the salty, indulgent one with Danish blue cheese and applewood bacon and she got the more earthy, Swiss and mushroom omelette.

Wow!  This wasn't simply an omelette, it was a whole meal, coupled with a fresh fruit salad with delicious raspberry vinaigrette and a generous helping of crispy sweet potato fries.  We were amazed at how hefty the plate appeared.

The omelette itself was awesome.  I loved the salty, melted blue cheese that was oozing from the middle and the crispy and plentiful pieces of bacon.  I loved that these two ingredients were interspersed throughout the omelet generously and not just in the middle or to one side.  Oh and let me not forget the thin caramelized onions that were also in this baby - they were sweet and delicious, almost like candy.

While I didn't try Crystal's omelette, she told me how much she enjoyed it and that everything was served in just the right proportion.

Service and Cost:
Since BareBurger is sort of modeled on a classic burger shack, the service is very quick and efficient.  You're seated immediately and served coffee within five minutes.  Our omelettes came out about 10 minutes after ordering, which was incredible.  But in spite of this efficiency, we didn't feel rushed to leave and enjoyed our conversation even after we finished eating.

Prices are moderate and a bit on the steep side, but considering that everything is organic, it's understandable.  We paid a total of $17 each for an omelette and coffee (including tax and tip).

3 Very Satisfied Mmmms 

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