Monday, April 19, 2010

Foodista's Top Astoria Picks - As Seen in Always Hungry NY

Photo credit: (c) Maryse Chevriere

I'm excited to share this fun interview with you that I was lucky to take part in with the folks over at Always Hungry NY.  If you're not familiar with their site, it's a fantastic resource for all you serious foodies and it reports on great eats not only in Manhattan but also in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island.  It's a fabulous resource when you're in a jam and don't know where to eat, with a nifty search mechanism you can use by neighborhood, rating, cuisine and occasion.  I hope you take some time to explore it.

But...without further ado, here is the link to my interview, done by Senior Editor, Arthur Bovino and Director of Photography, Maryse Chevriere.  Both were delightful to hang out with and to dine with - it was great to be in the company of their up-for-anything-and-everything attitude.

In this interview, you'll find out about my top Astoria picks including my top 5 restaurants, favorite bakeries, coffee shops and my ideal five-course Astoria meal. 

Blogger Bites: The Foodista's Astoria Picks


  1. Congratulations on your interview Judith! You have a great perspective on Astoria and are a true supporter of our local eateries. In reading your favorites, I agree with almost all of them. I love Vesta and Ovelia and also think L'Incontro is a bit overrated. My wife and I haven't tried Ornella yet, but it's sounds great. For desserts, Artopolis is the best, and Rose & Joe's, but I was a bit surprised La Guli didn't make your top 5. Their pastries and Italian Ice are amazing.
    Thanks for the enjoyable read.
    -Scott from

  2. Thanks guys - I appreciate your nice words and your input.

  3. Great article! You are definitely my go to what is going on in Astoria. As for pizza, there was this place on the corner of 30th Dr and 12th Street. It is a whole in the wall, but the pizza is great, if it is still there of course. I used to live down the street. The owner is actually from Italy. I would love if you gave him a try. I am eager for your thoughts and opinions.

  4. Great job. I was totally on board with your recs, but then you lost me... bad. No good Mexican food in Astoria? ?Que? Astoria is one of the best places for Mexican in the entire city! You seriously need to do a taco crawl. While I wouldn't take a date to any of these places, El Athens, Cafetal, El Rey (On Astoria, not the mediocre truck on 30th ave), Mariachi, and Espiguita are all great and authentic. I think El Athens might actually be Mexican territory. It seems that way if you're ever in there eating Al Pastor (amazing) at 3 am.

  5. Cool stuff about the pizza place Casey. I will definitely have to check it out. I've never even heard of it - it really must be under the radar.

    Pork - you're awesome, thank you for these great Mexican suggestions. I am so there!

  6. I hope he is still at the same place. I would hate to send you on a wild goose chase.

  7. Great interview! Regarding the hood missing good mexican....have you been to El Jarrochito on 29th street at 30th avenue? It's really great authentic Oaxacan mexican. It's more of a grocery store/taqueria, but the food is extraordinary. There is definitely seating though, and a waitress. I give that place a nod for sure. I put it above "Los Portales". Its two abuelitas cooking and putting stuff in steam trays for daily specials. I've never had a bad meal there.



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