Sunday, August 16, 2009

Posidonio - Will it Last?

Posidonio - 33-12 36th Avenue, Astoria NY 11106
N/W Train to 36th Avenue

Many of you probably recognize the facade on this "new" Greek eatery on 33rd Street and 36th Avenue. That's because the building stays the same but the name of the restaurant keeps changing often - as in every couple of months. The space has seen a plethora of Greek establishments from Athena to Matrix to g-d knows what. The newest iteration is called Posidonio and I'm curious about how long it will last. The sign is slightly scary and domineering, with a half naked Greek god showing a helpless ship who's boss. Anywho, I looked at the menu and wanted to give you a preview:

Cold Dips - Taramosalata (caviar dip), tzatziki, melitzanosalata (eggplant dip)...$9.95
Kefalograviera - Imported Greek cheese with tomato and olives...$8.95
Pan Fried Calamari...$9.95
Garides Saganaki - Sauteed jumbo shrimp, feta, tomato and olive oil...$12.95
Keftedakia - Mini meatballs with lemon and wine sauce...$7.95
Loukaniko - Greek sausage with lemon and wine sauce...$7.95

Seafood Plate - Grilled jumbo shrimp and salmon...$17.95
Jumbo Shrimp Greek Island Style - With feta, tomato, onion, over rice...$15.95
Grilled Filet of Salmon...$14.95

Ribeye Steak 16oz - Marinated in Greek seasoning...$16.95
Baby Lamb Chops - Marinated in Greek seasoning...$17.95
Chicken or Pork Kebab - Over rice...$13.95


  1. Best greek night club for live music in queens. The band is excellent. Panos,aliki,maria and nikos rock,so does the rest of the band. Very good food and service as well. Very prosessional.



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