Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The 4-Foodies at Los Dados

Kimberly and I attended the 4-Foodies Mexican Madness event yesterday, held at Los Dados in the trendy Meatpacking District. And while I've been to this spot a couple of times already, I love the food so much that I wanted to experience it yet another way--through a private tasting.

About the 4-Foodies...
They're a networking group that organizes interesting foodie events throughout NYC. Each event has a unique theme and the past one was at the new restaurant Lunetta which now occupies the old Mayrose Diner space. Their gatherings aim to bring passionate foodies together, forge new relationships and allow New Yorkers experience great food at a fair price.

Los Dados:
A hip venue in the Meatpacking District, Los Dados is relatively new--and already gaining momentum. The decor is a combination of modern and traditional. You can find funky, goth chandeliers hanging from the ceiling alongside traditional Mexican folk art, such as the famous Dia de los Muertos depictions. The chef, Sue Torres while young is confident in her dishes and strives to constantly improve her culinary expertise. She visits Mexico yearly and stays with local cooks, picking up techniques that are later applied to the Los Dados kitchen.

Mexican Madness Menu:

Guacamole - Served with handmade corn tortilla chips, this is one of the better guacs I've had in the city. Creamy while still preserving some hearty avocado chunks, it was mild in flavor and unbelievably addicting. Our party of 4 pretty much finished the entire serving which came in a small-ish bowl.

BBQ Beef Mini Tacos - These were little shells of delight and were again mild in flavor, seasoned with pico de gallo and cheese. The serving size was bite-size which was nice for a quick mouth popper--I must've downed at least three. The beef was spectacular with a hint of sweetness--I'm suspecting Chef Sue threw in some brown sugar.

Coriander-Crusted Tuna Tostadas - While I usually don't eat raw tuna, I took a chance on these and am so glad that I did. They were a lovely combination of savory and sweet--savory from the guacamole and chips and sweet from the tuna and the charred serrano-pineapple salsa. Out of this world but unfortunately, I only scored two pieces.

Mini Roasted Organic Chicken Quesadillas - Again a beautiful and hearty combination of roasted chicken, paired with three cheeses and charred corn-tomato salsa. The salsa was glazed on top, which provided the perfect, creamy condiment. And unlike some quesadillas where the meat is dry, this one was super moist and packed with flavor.

Rice and Beans - Although this dish was simple, it was one of my favorites. The rice had nice texture and the beans were smooth but not overcooked. I paired it with some handmade corn tortilla chips, which I used in place of a fork and a spoon.

Churros - Mmmm, this is a beloved Mexican snack of mine and I only get it as a special treat. The great thing about the serving size was that like the tacos, it was bite size. Coated in cinnamon sugar, the churros were accompanied by two sauces--dulce de leche and dark Mexican chocolate. Being the chocoholic that I am, I went for the chocolate but then also mixed in the dulce de leche, which was excellent.

Overall Experience:
Very positive and we met a lot of nice new people. The event was fabulous for networking and meeting people with similar (culinary) interests--way to go 4-Foodies! My only complaint, which Kimberly also shared was that we wished there was more food. The food that was on the tables was scrumptious but we felt that we did not get our $50 worth. It's true that the evening also presented us with unlimited margaritas, but we would've been happier with more grub.

Another interesting highlight of the night was when Julianne Moore showed up with her husband and two children. Very cool--and we of course sneaked many glances her way.


  1. all the food looks so good, can't wait to try it!

  2. this was such a fun evening out--definitely a good way to meet serious foodies and just plain ol' food lovers, too. i agree that the value could be improved by either a) offering more food or b) reducing the $50 admission cost (maybe $35-40 would have been more appropriate for the amount of food we were offered). foodista and i both went to eat moreso than drink (too much to do this week to be hammered on Monday!).

    the food itself was delicious and the space was cute. i'd like to check out ehir enchiladas in the future.



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