Monday, January 11, 2016

The Maple Parlor Hits High Marks

It's been months since I've wanted to try The Maple Parlor, Portland's very own gourmet soft serve frozen yogurt shop.  And of course I took my PDX foodie partner in crime, Annie along for the ride.  We weren't sorry in the least and were so impressed by their full on offering, that we'll certainly be back soon.

Unlike other self serve fro-yo shops, the Maple Parlor exceeds expectations in several ways, including in atmosphere.  I love its purple color scheme which is prominent throughout the shop, as well as its fun wallpaper accent wall, adorning big light-up MP initials that are fun for posing and taking selfies (such as the above).  Luckily, we had the shop to ourselves, given it was later in the eve, thus making it that much more magical.

Aside from the charming decor, we loved that you can sample virtually every flavor of soft serve--Maple Parlor's friendly staff encouraging us to do just that. If you're looking to spruce up your fro-yo concoction with toppings, you can of course use your imagination, but right next to the fro-yo machines, you'll notice a handy dandy recommendation board, showcasing their most popular combinations.  Nice touch, Maple Parlor!

There's about 8 different fro-yo flavors to choose from on any given night, but they always include their signature Maple flavor.  Even though we tried nearly all of them, some being really innovative and exotic, it all boiled down to that classic Maple, which is what both Annie and I ended up with.

My Sundae - Choosing the medium sized cup, it provided the perfect size for an after dinner dessert.  Filling it with the aforementioned maple flavor proved delicious, along with fun toppings such as candied bacon, peanut butter shell, coconut chocolate chunks and pumpkin mousse.  The toppings were the best part quite frankly, as they gave you a chance to be creative and indulge a bit too.  And who doesn't love a little bacon on their sweet treat? I do!  Annie took this route too, being more of a purist about it, as she topped her sundae with bacon.  Just bacon.

Service and cost:
The folks at the Maple Parlor were friendly and helpful, immediately pointing out their little sampling cups to us, giving us the opportunity to try most of their flavors before committing.  Overall, they were pretty unobtrusive but managed to be there to help when we needed them.

Costs are reasonable, at $5 for a medium sized cup with unlimited toppings.  So. Darn. Delicious.

3 Mmmms

The Maple Parlor - 3538 SE Hawthorne, Portland OR 97214

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