Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A New FoodTube? Check Out This Site!

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Margot, my food expert friend found a great new site called It's all about food and drink, with recipes, real-life testimonials and funny food clips. The site has a friendly, tongue-in-cheek tone, which definitely resonates with me. Although you won't find a plethora of content on devour just yet, they're enriching it bit by bit--so stay tuned because it'll get better.

Check it out for some pretty informative stuff--and for some good laughs too.

My favorite clips include:

Lunch with Mia: This girl's uncut expressions are guaranteed to crack you up!

Chocolate 101: For serious chocoholics, it talks about the history of chocolate including white, dark and milk and a general chocolate 101

Pet Chef: Yes, these are clever recipes for both pets and people. Have they lost their minds? Maybe, but they sure look delicious!

Have fun with the site and you might even pick up some tips along the way.

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