Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Supersize-Me Strawberry Brownies

Tonight was a perfect cozy, stay-in and watch a movie night. Moses and Grant came by and we all enjoyed the newest Wes Anderson flick--The Darjeeling Limited. And with a good film, of course comes good food. Dessert--in particular. I made humongous, super-fluffy brownies from scratch--none of that Duncan Hines mix (although I admit I use it from time to time). These were super-sized, moist brownies made with good Belgian chocolate, apple sauce and egg whites. I topped some of them with sliced strawberries for freshness and the rest were devoured au naturale. Check out the recipe here.

Variations: Instead of using pecans, which the recipe calls for, you can substitute with anything from dried fruit or even marshmallows. I also thought about making a strawberry preserve sauce to pour on top but then opted for fresh fruit. And yet another topping combination could be a fruit trio of sliced bananas, strawberries and blueberries.

Hope this hits your choco spot--I sure took care of mine!


  1. those look delicious, i'll have to try and make them-how does it taste w/the applesauce?

  2. The applesauce makes them fresh and very light. Make sure you buy the unsweetened though...

  3. these look delicious! i might have to break away from the box mix and give it a try. do you think they would pass the shipping test (i.e., are they fluffy enough to stay soft after 2-3 days in the mail to the hunny in chicago?). for the last batch i sent, I used an extra egg to ensure fluffiness, but i thought it compromised the richness of the chocolate.

  4. I think they would pass the test--try 'em out. Do a test run first for yourself and then ship 'em off if you are happy with the result. Molto delicioso!

  5. If you cut back on the amount of sugar you use, you can use strawberry applesauce instead of unsweetened for a rocking good brownie.

  6. Sounds awesome, thanks for that suggestion!



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