Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Love Fatty's But They Misled Us

You might remember me (and Joey in Astoria) mentioning a Fatty's V-Day drink special last week--all in good fun and to celebrate singlehood.

I wanted to report back to you that Dan and I went there last Thursday--excited to drink our booties off--but no cigar. Not only was there no "party", there were absolutely no drink specials. I'd like to mention that the Fatty's employee I spoke with said "fun shots and drink specials start at 10p"--but there was no such thing. Pretty disappointing to report about a place that I love and respect so much.

Dan and I ended up staying and drinking their regular priced drinks and playing gin. We had a good time--of course--but couldn't help feeling deflated about Fatty's Fat Fib. Not cool.

I can only speak for myself, but I presume that the let-down is shared by others.

Make it up to us Fatty's--the 'hood wants a raincheck!


  1. Bah, that's crap. What the hell???? They do owe the nabe a rain check!

  2. It isn't necessarily the restaurant's fault - it really is the fault of the employee that told you, unless you saw something posted at the restaurant, which this post doesnt' mention!

    Too bad this rant made New York Magazine's email list and have Fatty's seem at fault.

  3. I believe I saw this posted on their Myspace page. I will confirm that, though.

  4. I hear you but they still shouldn't be spreading false information like that. This was also mentioned on another blog (Joey in Astoria). I still believe that Fatty's needs to make it up to the 'hood. I think it's a great place--and I will go back--but that just didn't sit well with me. So...I wanted to make it known.



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