Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dillingers - 25 Cent Wing-a-linckin' Good!

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Dillingers Pub and Grill - 46-19 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11103
R/V/G Train to 45th Street

I showed up at Dillingers last night to mix with some Astorians--literally Astorians from
. And while this cheery Irish pub is a bit far from my neck of the woods, I decided to bite the bullet, battle the cold and get out there. All in all a very fun evening--the 25 cent wings and $10 pitchers of beer are definitely worth coming back for!

This is a typical, friendly, Irish pub that's very much a neighborhood spot. You're likely to find a lot of regulars and a boisterous atmosphere. It's great for a casual hangout with friends from the 'hood.

Dillingers has fun daily specials--a whole calendar of them in fact. Give them a call and find out what's happening each night. You can also request to be added to their contact list and receive a list of specials via email. Or...see current February calendar of specials above--courtesy of fellow Astorian, Fitch.

As I mentioned, besides for the company I also came for the wingies. And they were damn good! We decided to go all-in and ordered 50 wings for our side of the table. It seemed like an obscenely huge amount but once they got there, they disappeared just as quickly--see our empty plate?

And although we ordered medium Buffalo wings, they were actually not spicy at all--a plus in my book! They were fresh, piping hot and nice-and-meaty--far from the sad, pathetic scraps you sometimes find at pubs. These were big, hearty, juicy wings that simply were not messing around. My favorite part was the side of thick blue cheese dip. Not your ordinary blue cheese dressing, this one was mixed with sour cream, giving it silky, rich texture and a refreshing taste. And the tubs in which the dip was served were big--also a plus!

Service and Cost:
The service was pretty standard--nothing too spectacular but the food and beer sure made up for it.

Cost-wise, you already know that this was a bargain--25 cent wings and $10 pitchers. 1950's prices are always fine by me.

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  1. i'll have to make it to the next wing thing :)

  2. Definitely, it was cool!

  3. That place is literally down the street from my apartment. Next time I have a wing craving, I'll make my way down.

    As for booze, I'm still partial to The Quays, which is on 45th and 30th. Any drink in that place is $4.50, and the third round is always on the house.

  4. I love The Quays too; such a fun atmosphere! It's definitely a goody and closer too.

  5. I've been here before! Good place to get together with friends and watch a game.



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