Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Foodie Must-Read

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Does food excite you? I mean, really excite you? If so, keep reading...

If you love food and enjoy reading about its many dynamic qualities, you'll love this book! My copy was a gift from Margot, who gives the best--and the most thoughtful--presents. Anyway, I'm still devouring it to pieces. If you see a short, brown haired girl reading it on the Astoria N or W train, you'll know it's me.

The book is a compilation of various food writing--from the NY Times to Gastronomica.com. The pieces are short and provocative, leaving you to ponder about food in a whole new way. Orgasmic burritos, death by lobster pad-thai and the best taco trucks in town are just some examples of the material this little food book offers.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from this delicious book:
  • Death by Lobster Pad Thai by Steve Almond
  • Porno Burrito by Jonathan Gold
  • Meat by James Sturz
  • Wedded Bliss by Jason Sheehan

Pick it up from your local libreria for $15.95 a pop. You'll love its scrumptious content--I guarantee it!

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