Monday, February 4, 2008

Sfoglia - By Guest Foodista Lisa

Lisa, today's guest reviewer is a good friend of mine who also shares my love for food. Italian food is Lisa's first love--she comes from a big and extremely close Italian family who is always cooking up amazing specialties. So needless to say, this foodie knows good grub when she sees it! Lisa lives in NYC with her lovely soon-to-be hubby Jay.

Sfoglia - 1402 Lexington Ave (at 92nd St), New York, NY 10128
4/5/6 Train to 86th Street or 6 train to 96th Street

I heard about Sfoglia from New York Mag & saw that Sfoglia was named critic's favorite twice in a row. I read so many amazing reviews about this place that I had to try it. This place has two locations one in Nantucket and the more recent NYC location. It was interesting to read from their website that both husband and wife attended the CIA and they went into business together. Being from a family that loves food and having a brother who is aspiring to attend the CIA made me really want to try this place even more.

This is a charming, small restaurant situated on a corner street on the Upper East Side. When I walked inside I found my friend "the Foodista" sitting cozily on the small couch which is in the little waiting area of the restaurant. We had made a 1pm reservation and we were seated promptly. For lunch time, this restaurant was hopping. There was not an empty seat at the bar and mostly all of the tables were full. We were seated at what looks like a long sturdy wood kitchen table where three people were sitting at one end and Foodista and I sat on the other. I didn't feel too close to the other people at all and it was not cramped. The table had a big bowl on it with pineapples in it and some mixed type fruits for show. Next to our table were many different wines displayed, which I thought added to the decor. The bar area had high seats and had a rustic Italian flare to it. There was tons of light coming through the large windows and this just gave the restaurant a very open airy feeling.

When we arrived, the waiter bought out some olives and bread. I did not try the bread but the olives were seasoned well and were a nice little treat. I have heard rave reviews about the pasta from restaurant critics and knew already that I would order a dish from the primi section of the menu. This restaurant unlike many others in NYC does not have a separate lunch menu, so we went in knowing that the portions would be more than filling.

I ordered the "pappardelle alla Bolognese.” The Foodista ordered the "potato gnocchi, fonduta, leeks." We also ordered a side dish to share of the "sweet potato salad with balsamic.” Drink-wise we saw a large array of different types of wines to try but being that it was early afternoon we opted not to have a glass of wine and asked if there were any other drinks. The waiter mentioned that there was a house soda which was grapefruit and sage so we both decided to try it because it sounded very different. It was very good and not too overpowering nor sugary, it almost tasted like a seltzer mixed with fruit, very refreshing.

Our dishes came out simultaneously and in nice portions. My pappardelle alla Bolognese was simply delightful. The pasta was so fresh and the meat that was mixed in with the pasta was ground well enough that the meat wasn't overpowering. The pasta was cooked to perfection and was not chewy or too al dente--it was just right! The sauce was also delicious. I tried a small taste of the Foodista’s potato gnocchi and I must say this was amazing. It melted in my mouth and the sauce had such a nice taste to it--definitely will be trying this next time. The sweet potato salad was very light and paired well with the pasta.

Service & Cost:
The service was good. When we came in the woman who sat us took our heavy coats to the back which was nice. The menu while limited did offer some dishes that I think the average person would enjoy. When the waiter took our order he mentioned that the bread pudding would take 20 minutes to cook so if we’d like to order it, it had to be in the beginning of the meal. While this sounded amazing, we did not order this for lunch--it was too much food for us. For dinner we would definitely order it and the people across the table from us got it and it looked amazing.

They do not rush you here at all and you are able to sit at your table for awhile and really enjoy your meal and time with your companions.

Cost-wise I thought this place was a little expensive for lunch. My "pappardelle all bolognese" was $20.00 which for lunch I thought was a lot--although the portions are generous. When we got the bill, we noticed a charge of $16.00 for two of the sodas mentioned above. $8.00 each for soda!! That was a bit unexpected and will probably not get that next time. While it was good, we thought that was a little much.

A great spot for a date--ask to reserve the small pink booth near the bar which seats two. It looks very cozy for a twosome.

Do not order the soda--although if you are not a drinker I would recommend this as a substitute to wine. Try the pasta dishes mentioned above, you will not be disappointed.

Make a reservation well in advance. There is about a 4 week wait to have dinner here--that is why we opted for lunch. For lunch, we waited about 2 weeks. It is a small place so reservations are a must. Do not get discouraged if you cannot make a reservation right away, the restaurant makes it very easy and has an email system where you can inquire about certain dates to make reservations. I suggest going for dinner and a nice glass of wine.

3 Mmmms

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  1. Just to add in my 2 cents here. This place is the epitome of cozy and comfortable. It's truly unique and serves to-die-for Italian specialties. As Lisa said, it is on the expensive side but so worth it for a treat. You can go with your special someone or with a group of friends and sit at a large communal table. I URGE you to try Sfoglia. You won't be disappointed.




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