Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Watawa - A Lotus Flower of Culinary Delight

Ocean Tiger Roll, my friend Margot's dish.

Watawa - 33-10 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY 11105
N/W Train to Ditmars (last stop)

Although Japanese food is not my favorite, I have to agree with the masses—Watawa is a terrific restaurant. You can expect consistency with every visit, and by that I mean that you get fresh, exquisitely presented and delicious food. I’m not too risky when it comes to Japanese cuisine and I often order my typical, miso soup, California roll, eel roll, avocado roll or a cucumber roll—very safe and boring. Despite my unsophisticated sushi palate, Watawa always keeps me happy and prepares these simple dishes to perfection. The miso soup is silky but not overly salty and the rice in the rolls is noticeably fresh and cooked to the right consistency. I often find myself surprised by how much arrives on my plate, but because the food is so tasty, my plate never leaves the table unclean. The service here is wonderful—hospitable waiters take care of patrons making sure that everyone is satisfied. Now that I know Watawa has mastered some of my sushi basics, do I dare to explore the complicated world of specialty rolls in my next visit? I think that I just might!

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