Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hanging out in Babi's Kitchen, Making Chicken Paprikash

Another great thing I did while in NY last week is hang with my fun, adventurous aunt, Hela.  Also known in her circles as "Babi" meaning grandma in Slovak and Hungarian, Hela cooks up delicious homemade specialties by way of help from her talented granddaughters as well as sometimes special guests.  The whole process is documented on a popular web series she's dubbed Babi's Kitchen.  

Lucky enough to be a special guest on Aunt Hela's series last week, together we made my grandmother's delicious recipe for Chicken Paprikash.  I love this recipe because it truly reminds me of my hometown of Kosice, Slovakia - conjuring up memories of my grandmother Nadika welcoming me to her delicious smelling kitchen.  Hela had her own interpretation of course (she's a staunch health lover) but the end result was really just as delicious as Nadika's.

Here's the video recapping our experience and the full recipe - hope you enjoy it! And try not to make fun of me too much.

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