Thursday, January 15, 2015

What's the Scoop? Yumminess!

After a long but enjoyable hike the other day, Dan, my Mom (who was visiting from NY) and I headed over to Life of Pie for delicious pizza and then moseyed over to What's the Scoop? for ice cream - a perfect combination.  The temperate hit nearly 50, which was good enough for us to get a scoop of something cold and delicious.

Situated on one of our favorite blocks in North Portland, which is North Williams Avenue, What's the Scoop? is a charming little ice cream shop surrounded by other delicious establishments.  The whole block is pretty new, as in less than a year old so its facade as well as its interior is shiny, modern and sleek.

What awaits inside is a spacious ice cream parlor and a full on creamery with the most amazing smell coming from their freshly made ice cream cones.  The ice cream is made from liquid nitrogen, I found out, which results in more creaminess and longevity.

Ice Cream:
As in most Portland ice cream shops, customers are welcome to try any flavor for free, which is just what we did before deciding on our final ice cream choices.  After some deliberation, the following flavors won over:

Cone Yo! - Attracted by this unique flavor, it included chunks of their homemade ice cream cones including the chocolate flavored ones.  At first the cone flavor was very subtle, but after a few spoonfuls, I dug up some nice chunky pieces and loved them.  The vanilla ice cream that surrounded the cone action was superb and ultra creamy.

Orange Chip
- This flavor is what my mom ordered, and I have to say she chose wisely. The ice cream was super refreshing and boasted a pronounced orange flavor that also tasted very natural.  Little chunks of super dark chocolate gave it a little indulgence and a hint of sophistication too.  I'd order this one next time, as well.

Service and Cost:

Our server was polite and gave us a try of anything we wanted, but she wasn't syrupy sweet.  No matter at all, as I prefer a straight shooter any day, and can't complain in this department.

Costs are expensive but worth it for the high quality of ice cream you get at $3.75 for a small scoop.

3 refreshing Mmmms

What's the Scoop? - 3540 North Williams Avenue, Portland OR 97228

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