Thursday, November 20, 2014

Great Deal on Tamales at Don Pancho's Taqueria

Now that I'm in the throws of exploring my new neighborhood, I'm on the hunt for deals.  While walking on NE Alberta street, which is also dubbed the Arts District, I've been noticing a myriad of Mexican restaurants.  I can't complain about the abundance of Mexican food in Portland in general and always welcome a solid, inexpensive option to get my tacos, burritos, rice and beans, and now tamales.

Spotting a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant called Don Pancho's, I noticed a deal on tamales that was too good to pass up.  The sign said 12 tamales for $12, so I immediately took the bait.  Deciding to take the plunge and order all twelve, I got a variety of chicken and pork filled tamales.  Overall, I'm happy to say they're a big success in our household and something I'd highly recommend ordering.  If you don't need them warmed up ahead of time, they'll give them to you on the spot.  With the Thanksgiving holiday coming, these will no doubt be flying off the shelves, so I'd suggest to order them ahead of time.  Here are some additional details:

Loving the size of the tamales, they're neither large or small, but really just right.  Taking a mere minute and a half to warm up, be careful as you unwrap the corn filling from its corn husk.  Once you do, be prepared to indulge in a hot, comforting corn filling laced with chunky pieces of pork or chicken in the middle.  Cooked in a slightly smoky red sauce, these babies definitely don't lack flavor or spice.  I further enhanced them with Trader Joe's corn salsa that you see above, and it definitely did the trick.

Don Pancho Taqueria - 2000 NE Alberta St, Portland OR 97211

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