Sunday, October 12, 2014

Astor Bakeshop's Seasonally Delicious Brunch

After a fun and informative tour of the Welling Court Mural Project, as part of Open House New York Weekend, Dan and I headed over to to Astor Bake Shop for some brunch.  We haven't been in quite a while and were looking forward to their wholesome dishes, which haven't yet disappointed and today was no different.

Open Faced Omelette - Topped with seasonally delicious ingredients such as cauliflower and eggplant, the open faced omelette was a vegetarian's dream.  Even though Dan is far from being a veggie, he loved this dish and commented on how fresh and flavorful it was.  I had the pleasure to taste it as well and especially loved the cauliflower, which was cooked al dente.  As you can see, the dish also came with a side of hash browns and salad, which made it a complete meal.

Tomato and Egg Skillet - I was quickly sold on this dish after reading its description on the menu and noticed two of my favorite ingredients - tomatoes and avocado.  Ultimately, it was really simple but made of high quality ingredients such as fresh eggs, bright, locally sourced veggies and a freshly crisped tortilla.  While the eggs were a bit overcooked for my liking, the roasted veggies in the skillet made up for it and created a beautiful balance of flavors.

Carrot, Cucumber and Ginger Juice - Even though I was all set on coffee, I noticed a few fresh fruit juice options, which took my interest. I ordered this one and loved its bright orange color and vibrant flavor, which wasn't at all enhanced with sugar, and for this I was grateful.  The ginger was subtle but you can still taste it after each delicious sip.

Service and Cost:

Unlike some of the other times that I visited Astor Bake Shop, the service now was totally on point.  We didn't wait long for anything and felt very well taken care of, noticing that everyone else was also experiencing good service.

Costs are reasonable, especially given the high quality of food and service and set us back about $15 each including tax and tip.

3 Mmmms

Astor Bake Shop - 12-23 Astoria Blvd, Astoria NY 11102
N/Q Train to Astoria Blvd

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