Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Front Toward Enemy – Getting Funky in Queens

Last week, I finally had the chance to visit Front Toward Enemy, which is the sultry cocktail bar/restaurant that opened a few months ago in place of the old Canz bar. I’ve been meaning to go for a while, but the opportunity never exactly materialized, and I’m happy that last week’s blogger meet-up changed that.

Instituted by my friend and fellow blogger Erin from GlutenFree Fun, I met up with a few talented and awesome Astoria and Western Queens blogging women such as the Heart of Queens, Southern Astorian, Tracy Infield and Connie. 

The evening was a casual one during, which we just grabbed a few cocktails and chatted – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Even on the torrential downpour of an evening that we got together, Front Toward Enemy was comfortably filled with patrons, many of them seeming to be regulars.  I love how the sexy, dark vibe transported to you to another world right away, and it didn’t take me long to forget about all that rainy mess outside.

Something I noticed right away were the beautifully decorated walls that boasted an elegant black velvety wallpaper that further helped set the mood.  Although a long wooden bar is definitely the focal point of the place, there are also these large horseshoe leather banquettes that were perfect for medium sized groups like ours.  I loved them especially because they made the atmosphere more communal and made it easy for us to get to know each other.

Since we only ordered cocktails this time around, I’m going to have to come back for the food, but from what I tried last week, that’ll definitely be in the stars.

Get Funky Cocktail – First off, I just loved the name of this cocktail and secondly, I was attracted to it because it contained gin, lemon, orgeat syrup, honey, ginger and blackberries.  All in all good things!  Not only was it refreshing, a little tart and beautifully complex, its presentation was stunning.  Most of my companions remarked at how amazing it looked and I’m pretty sure they had order envy.  I’d definitely recommend getting this cocktail in the summer to beat the heat.  It’s also a great option because it gives you good bank for you buck – just check out its size!

Service and Cost:
While I’d love to give every aspect of our experience high marks, the service was just OK.  I appreciated that our server let us chill, however, at times I think she could’ve been more attentive – especially on a slower night when the staff wasn't challenged.

Costs are high at $12 per cocktail, but like I said, I’d definitely come back to try more of those, and certainly the food as well.

3 Mmmms

Front Toward Enemy – 40-11 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103.

N/Q Train to 30th Avenue

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