Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Chicken and Waffle Obsession Continues

I've been having a great time playing around with my new waffle maker, and love creating any opportunity for whipping it out.  Last night's dinner included another savory rendition with cheddar cheese waffles, grilled chicken sausage, an onion and zucchini "succotash" with a runny egg on top for good measure.

The dish came together as a loose improvisation of the waffle BLT dish
I did a few weeks back.  The recipe for the waffles is identical actually, which I then topped with sauteed, chopped red onions, zucchini and a sweet Italian chicken sausage.  Careful not to overcook the egg on top, it stayed nice and runny and created a silky luxurious texture that made Dan and I swoon with excitement.

We had a few leftovers so we tried a sweet and savory combination by pouring some maple syrup on top of the waffle.  Mmmm...deeelish!

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