Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Omelette a la You at Rest-Au-Rant

Recently going out to brunch with Dan, Kimberly and Jonathan, we visited Rest-au-Rant, as we were taunted by their rich menu of breakfast treats.  Dan and I had to be a little careful, as we're doing the gluten free thing again, but noticed there were things to choose from.

Omelette a la You - Deciding to go with something as simple and basic as an omelette, Dan and I both chose this dish with the impetus to customize it in our own way.  The concept is straightforward and some may think expected, but Rest-au-Rant executes it really well.

Something that differentiates Rest-au-Rant's make-your-own-omelette offering is that you get up to 4 different ingredients to embellish your omelette with, and they all sound great. 

For my creation, I chose gorgonzola cheese (my fave!), prosciutto, tomato and onion.  Together, these ingredients created a deliciously hearty medley of salty, sharp, acidy and sweet flavors that complimented the egg beautifully.  A generous side of home fries and a side salad, which were also flavorful, did the trick of filling us up for a good part of the afternoon.

Service and Cost:
We received nice, friendly service and even little homemade chocolate truffles to cap off the night.  One unfortunate snafu was when the waitress forgot to send over the bacon jam we ordered, but it's probably for the best, as our bellies were already plump.

Prices are really competitive and only set us back about $25 per person with tax and tip.

3 Mmmms

Rest-au-Rant - 30-01 35th Avenue, LIC NY 11106
N/Q Train to 36th Avenue

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