Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mexican Style Quinoa - A New Spin on Gluten Free

Getting back to my gluten free diet had me experimenting with different types of foods, including quinoa, which is always a safe bet.  I've made quinoa dishes many times before, and therefore was looking for something a little different to keep us excited about eating it.

Finding an interesting but still really simple gluten free recipe on my Pinterest board, I decided to go for this Mexican style quinoa dish.  Loving all the bright colors and the healthful ingredients, I put it together for a recent We Heart Astoria get-together.  Received well by my colleagues as well as by Dan, I'll certainly be making it again and will probably add a bit more protein to it, including cheese and grilled chicken.  I love this dish because it takes only about a half an hour to put together and doesn't require any special ingredients - it's the perfect thing to make with a lot of leftovers in your pantry.

Mexican style Quinoa recipe, courtesy of A Teaspoon of Happiness Blog

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