Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Enthaice – Modern Thai Food with a Hint of Kitsch

Last Friday was all sorts of productive for me, as my We Heart Astoria colleague, Emily and I took a spin class at the new Simply Cycle Astoria.  Enjoying ourselves and working hard to boot deserved a tasty reward, so we headed to Enthaice for a warm, comforting Thai dinner.  It was a first time for both of us, but the experience proved fruitful and satisfying, so we’ll surely be back.

Boasting a great location on 31st Avenue, across the street from the original BareBurger, Enthaice enjoys good foot traffic.  We were surprised to find it especially crowded last week, no doubt as a result of BareBurger’s recent renovations, which found Emily and me waiting for about 20 minutes to be seated.  While this was less than ideal, we made the best of the situation by waiting in their outdoor (but protected) space.

Once we stepped inside, we were welcomed by a bustling yet very cozy dining room, which was full of young patrons.  We even happened to spot some friends from the neighborhood, which was a lovely surprise.

Despite its small size, Enthaice’s dining room offers some great eye candy.  The inventive chandeliers, made of vintage forks, spoons and teacups are especially endearing, and made us both stop and observe.  While BareBurger’s version of these is similar, I found the ones at Enthaice even more intricate and creative.

As is usually the case in Thai restaurants, the menu at Enthaice was extensive but well organized.  My gluten free diet limited my options for sure, but there was still a lot to choose from, including their half a dozen varieties of curry.

Chicken Satay – Emily and I shared this simple but tasty appetizer, which boasted generous chunks of meat as well as a creamy peanut sauce for dipping.  The chicken was anything but dry and the sauces enhanced this already flavorful dish.  It’s a great option for my celiac friends, and comes highly recommended.

Red Curry – I love me some Thai curry and went with the medium spicy rendition of the Red, which was loaded with beef, bell peppers, eggplant and basil.  The beef was juicy and tender, and I loved the hint of sweetness from the peppers, and the lemony zing from the basil.  What a perfect way to nourish my body after that strenuous cycle class – it did just enough to fill me up but didn’t leave me feeling like a puffball.

Service and Cost:
On a busy Friday evening, you’d expect there to be a few hiccups in the service, but our evening went off without a hitch.  Enthaice’s waitstaff was helpful, friendly and always made sure we were comfortable. 

Costs are comparable to any good Thai restaurant in the neighborhood and set us back about $28 including tax and tip for a shared app, personal entrée and a glass of vino each.

3 Mmmms

Enthaice – 33-20 31st Avenue, Astoria NY 11106
N/Q Train to Broadway

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