Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Brunch at Home

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope that you all had a fabulous New Year's Eve, and that you're recuperating nicely.  Whether you choose to spend your New Year's day out, indulging in a fabulous Astoria brunch, or at home cooking something delicious, I've got you covered with some options. 

In fact, the below features a tasty little brunch I hosted recently for my mom, where I whipped up a tomato, mozzarella and blue cheese frittata.  The rest of the stuff you see such as the chicken liver mousse (above) and macarons are store bought, but still added a celebratory touch to our meal.  

The frittata recipe is really simple and comes from Martha Stewart's kitchen, taking just under 20 minutes to put together.  I love that it's nice and rustic and you can fill it with practically anything you have on hand.  It'd be lovely with some chicken sausage or a bit of bacon too.  The choice is yours of course, but whatever you decide to put in it, I hope it fills you with comfort and cures a little bit of that hangover too :) Happy 2014!

Frittata Recipe by Martha Stewart

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