Tuesday, October 22, 2013

American Cut Steakhouse – Celebrating 5 Years of Bliss

I can hardly believe it, but Dan and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary last week. My how the time has flown in a good way, both us reminiscing on the fun adventures we’ve had these past couple of years, appreciating the good times and having a laugh about the challenges too.

We wanted to celebrate this little milestone by getting out of town for a bit, so we headed to classy Atlantic City, where we spent our anniversary weekend. Knowing what we were getting into, we did as the natives did – walked on the boardwalk, tried our luck at casino games, and explored some restaurants.

One in particular I want to tell you about here is Marc Forgione’s, American Cut, which is located in the Revel Resort & Casino– the newest high-rise construction in the area and also our home for the weekend.

While you can find most restaurants at the Revel on the casino level, American Cut is located one level below and provides a bit of seclusion and privacy from the hubbub. This was a welcome respite, especially since we were looking forward to enjoying a quiet romantic dinner.

Upon walking in and being greeted by our host, we were glad we came. The main dining room was long and spacious, boasting high ceilings and dark, deep hued furniture. I noticed a lot of leather and mahogany embellishments, which gave off a luxurious vibe and indicated to us this was exactly the place to spend a special occasion.

Once we settled into our table, we felt comfortable and close enough (I strongly dislike when I feel so far from my dining companion that I can hardly hear him/her). The acoustics were good, and we felt comfortable having a close conversation without getting the impression that our neighbors were eavesdropping. I also liked the dim lighting and candlelight, which further added to this sexy scene.

We knew what we came for, which was the steak. While the menu isn’t overly extensive, it features lots of steakhouse classics such as the ribeye, porterhouse, filet mignon, as well as seafood classics.

Crab Cake – Starting off with a lump crab cake, we were happy to see it was large enough to share. Consisting of chunky pieces of crab that were bound by a spicy aioli, we enjoyed every bite. I especially appreciated the crunchy cabbage and mango slaw that served as the bed for this dish, and that also helped cut the richness of the mayo.

Steak – Dan’s favorite cut of steak is the ribeye, and that’s exactly what he got at American Cut – a 20 oz to be exact. While most of this was the bone, so it seems larger than it is, Dan devoured it to the last bite, proving that they really did justice to an already good quality cut of meat. I tried it as well and enjoyed the juiciness and the caramelization of the outside. The steak was nicely marbled, which added extra flavor and juiciness.

I chose to go a little less traditional for my dinner and went with the beef short ribs instead. Immediately, loving its presentation, it came in a pretty red Le Creuset pot, which was dramatically uncovered by our waiter for an added effect. Loving all of this, I stared at the chocolate brown short ribs, which were topped with a satchel of fresh herbs. Once I dug in, I was in heaven, loving the thick, slightly sweet reduction that coated the tender short ribs, which surrendered immediately upon contact with my fork. Dan was impressed as well and I shared my treasure with him, both of us agreeing it was very special.

Side – Although we ordered just one side, and therefore saved room for dessert, we didn’t skimp out on richness with the potatoes au gratin. It’s rare that we have this dish at home, as it’s quite heavy and creamy, and this one also came with a crunchy breadcrumb topping. Describing it in one would be perfect, as it boasted beautifully roasted potatoes, a creamy, luxurious binder and some nice crunch from the herby breadcrumbs.

Dessert – Yes, we did save room for dessert, and couldn’t resist the AC Carbomb, which was American Cut’s version of a boozy bread pudding. Appreciating its intricate presentation, it was a layered chocolate bread pudding dish, topped with Guinness ice cream and a rustic, dark chocolate slab sticking out of it. The whole thing was then slathered in a Jameson butterscotch sauce and looked after by a perfectly bruleed banana. While Dan could’ve gone for more Guinness in his ice cream, it was perfectly balanced for me, and I especially devoured the dark chocolate bread pudding that had a tender and moist middle.

Service and Cost:
Just like the food, the overall service at American Cut was on-point. Our waiter was super professional and knowledgeable about the food and seemed to understand we were celebrating something special. Pacing out our courses in a way that we felt relaxed, we indulged in an evening of culinary and romantic bliss.

Costs are expensive, but not surprising for a high-end restaurant in a newly built Atlantic City resort:

Appetizers - $13-$42
Steak - $33-$110 Sides - $10-$11
Dessert - $10-$22

3 Blissful Mmmms

American Cut (at Revel Resort & Casino, Atlantic City) – 500 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 855.348.0500

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