Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tasty Impromptu Dinner at Mezze Place

Tonight, I attended a lovely party at Mackenzi's brand new, Lockwood Shop, which is an evolution of her original Site.  The party was fantastic and gave me a chance to reconnect with folks in the community that I haven't seen this summer.  Meg was there of course, and the two of us decided to grab a quick dinner after the party at nearby, Mezze Place.  We felt like having something light, and since Mezze is also close to the train, it couldn't be more convenient.

We shared a few apps, including the Labaneh dip, bureke, falafel and the red lentil kofte.  While everything was really tasty and satiated us for the night, my two stand-outs were the bureke and the falafel, pictured above.

Bureke - Not reading the description carefully, what I thought this would be was a meat filled dish, however what arrived was something purely vegetarian.  I didn't mind, and in fact it worked out better, as the flaky pastry crust married so well with the spinach, feta and leek filling.  I liked that it was a little bit indulgent, but that the richness was cut with the fresh tomato coulis, which came as a side.

Falafel - I remember the falafel being good the first time around, but it particularly shined tonight.  The outside was crispy and nicely browned whereas the inside was almost bright green, slightly chunky and wonderfully garlicky.  It didn't need much in terms of a dipping sauce, but we couldn't help ourselves with the Labaneh, which was also a nice complement to all that hearty goodness.

Service and Cost:
We experienced really nice, attentive service tonight.  I liked that our waiter was easy going, but we never felt that he forgot about us, and our food came out in the perfect amount of time.  We hung around for a little bit to chat, and weren't in the least bit rushed to leave.

Costs remain wallet friendly, and for the above mentioned meal, we paid a total of $17 each including tax and tip.

3 Mmmms

Mezze Place – 31-18 Broadway #E, Astoria NY 11106
718. 777.2829
N/Q Train to Broadway

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