Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LIC Market Has a New Bar Menu

Fully embracing the fall season, I recently learned that local LIC eatery, LIC Market is rolling out a new bar menu, with tasty local eats and some specialty drinks too.  I loved seeing the combination of small plates and fancy cheeses that set my tastebuds aflutter.  Here's what you can expect at the bar:

*Happy Hour takes place Tuesday - Friday between 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Moses Sleeper (cow’s milk), Jasper Hill, VT $8 - aged 3-6 wks, bloomy-rind cheese, buttery, bright, and savory

Reading Raclette (raw cow’s milk), spring brook farm, VT $8 - aged 3+ months, mild, semi-soft, sweet milk, acidic rind

Pave de L’Averyron (raw ewe’s milk), Roquefort, France $12 - ivory colored interior, semi-firm texture, sharp flavor

Small Plates:
Marinated Olives $6 - citrus, roasted garlic, fresh thyme & extra virgin olive oil
Sautéed Chorizo $8 - potatoes, chives and extra virgin olive oil
Cockles $12 - salsa verde, extra virgin olive oil
White Anchovies $7 - toasted pine nuts, chives & extra virgin olive oil
Charred Endive $7 - aged balsamic, grana padano, extra virgin olive oil
“Bar Nuts” $6

LIC Market - 21-52 44th Drive, LIC NY 11101
7 Train to 45th Road/Courthouse Square

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