Sunday, September 15, 2013

Indulging in Meatball Sliders from Bills Balls

Finally venturing to the
LIC Flea
today, I was welcomed by rows of local food vendors and therefore with plenty of choice for an impromptu lunch.  Finishing a challenging workout at Tone Pilates, not long after, I was in the mood for some protein.  It didn't take me long to decide on the sumptuous meatball sliders at the Bills Balls stand.  

About Bill's Balls:

First hearing about Bill's Balls from Dan who spotted them at a street fair in Manhattan, I've researched their company a bit more and found out that they mostly do special events and catering.  The company however, is based in Astoria.  Boasting freshly rolled meatballs (by Bill himself), they feature up to eight different meatball varieties, including The Astoria, paying homage to our awesome neighborhood.

The Upstate Meatball:

There were three different meatball varieties to choose from today at the Flea, including Bill's Original, The Upstate and The American.  The Upstate caught my eye immediately, as I noticed it was Bill's spin on the Buffalo chicken wing, in meatball form.  In honor of Football Sunday, I thought, what the hell...why not?!

I wasn't disappointed by my choice, as the slider was absolutely gargantuan and oozing with chicken goodness.  The ball itself was tender and moist as can be, boasting delicious chicken white meat, which was then slathered in tangy buffalo sauce, creamy blue cheese dressing and a celery chimichurri sauce.  I loved the crunch from the celery and bits of carrots that cut the richness in the blue cheese sauce.  Overall, the meatball felt substantial but not heavy in your tummy.  I must compliment the eggy brioche bun as well, which held all these ingredients in place and totally held its own with all that buffalo sauce.

Service and Cost:

Welcomed by the friendly Bills Balls staff, they were kind and expedient with my order.  I felt that great care was taken to construct my meatball slider, and I'd happily return for more ball goodness.

Each slider costs $6 or you can bring a friend along and get the 2 for $10 special.  Take a look at their catering options on their site as well - they seem reasonable.

3 Mmmms

Bill's Balls - 

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