Sunday, September 22, 2013

5 Napkin Burger Happy Hour Nosh

Last week, Dan and I spent Sunday evening at the Museum of Moving Image, as we went to see a great film called Enough Said with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini (his last motion picture).  Prior to the movie, we stopped at 5 Napkin Burger's Happy Hour for a little bite and some beers.

Since it was Sunday, they had all the football games on the big screen, and Dan enjoyed that aspect of the experience very much.  I liked the food a lot more, and there's a few things here I'd like to highlight:

Guacamole - We liked munching on this chunky guac, which came with a side of tortilla chips.  Priced at just $4, we thought the portion was generous and we even had a little extra left over at the end.  The avocados tasted fresh and boasted nice texture and flavor, the  whole mixture being seasoned nicely.

Fried Pickles & Pastrami - This is one of our favorite signature 5 Napkin Burger dishes, as it's a unique little roll of pastrami heaven.  Loving its fried exterior and the contrast of savory and sour flavors inside, it usually does the trick of satisfying our fried food craving.  We liked the Happy Hour version, but thought that the exterior had been crispier in the past.  It seems like the batter was done in a tempura style vs. the crunchy panko style we've been used to in the past.

Bavarian Pretzel Sticks - A big stand-out of our experience, the pretzel sticks were piping hot and were accompanied by a little pot of cheesy fondue.  The combination was excellent, and the thick cheese tasted as if it had beer in it.  It was the perfect pairing with my Singlecut ale.

Service and Cost:
I'm disappointed to say that our service was quite poor.  Unfortunately, we felt as if our waitress couldn't care less about us, and on several occasions  she forgot about our order, didn't bother asking us if we wanted something to drink or if we were satisfied in general.

Costs are competitive, and the above mentioned dishes, including 2 drinks set us back just $30 including tax and tip.

2 Mmmms

5 Napkin Burger - 35-01 36th Street, Astoria, NY 11106 

N/Q Train to 36th Avenue

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