Saturday, July 13, 2013

Keeping it Earthy with Tracey Medeiros at the Union Square Greenmarket

You may recall me mentioning last week that I'd be doing a food demo and some promotion with friend and cookbook author, Tracey Medeiros.  The event took place yesterday at the Union Square Greenmarket, and it was a big success.

The focus in our tented area, which was centrally located, right across from the popular Migiorelli Farmstand, was Tracey's latest cookbook called the Vermont Farm Table Cookbook.  I myself own this awesome cooking resource, which shines a light on the local farmers and purveyors that make Vermont the food-centric state it is.  The recipes inside are pretty easy and approachable, and accompanied by beautiful photography that showcases the food in all its glory.  I've tried a few recipes prior to yesterday's event, including stuffed tomatoes and banana almond smoothies.

Amee Farm Lemon Lavender Dressing:

Yesterday's event, which included a book signing, also took a simple yet delicious recipe for Amee Farm Lemon Lavender dressing, and brought it to market goers.

Tracey and I shopped for fresh salad greens and arugula before our food preparation, keeping things as local and fresh as they get.  As soon as we tossed the salad and plated it, people came up to the tent, curious and wide eyed, taking the plates and enjoying the healthy snack.

I tried it too of course and can vouch for its delicious taste.  The dressing was not only smooth and creamy but had that subtle earthy aftertaste from the lavender.  Sophisticated and elegant, it was a nice step up from an ordinary salad dressing or vinaigrette.  Showcasing this recipe was quite perfect at the farmers market because you can essentially get all the ingredients for it on the spot.

Interview with Tracey:
In addition to the actual food preparation and chatting with market goers, Tracey and I also recorded a short video where she talks about her book project, the lemon lavender dressing and local food culture.  Enjoy!

Aside from working with Tracey, I also just enjoyed being at the farmers market and soaking in all the beautiful, natural things the summer season has to offer.  I've compiled some of them for you here, and hope it encourages you to get out and check it out.

I'd like to thank all my family and friends for coming out and supporting me yesterday. You guys are the best!

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